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Fairfax Inn Restaurant
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 7 reviews
by Emerson Yao on Fairfax Inn Restaurant
Authentic Filipino Comfort Food

I love their breakfast menu, its really as good as it gets here in the Philippines. The "Spring Rolls" are good, and Pancit Palabok tasty! The Lechon Kawali however can still be improved. Will definitely be back again to try the other dishes!

by Warren Rogas on Fairfax Inn Restaurant
Northern Virginia Magazine

"Tocino: The exotic eye opener features cooked-to-order eggs, a mound of fried rice, chunks of juicy pork tenderloin showered in tantalizing soy-based marinade and zesty slaw composed. —Warren Rojas"

Northern Virginia Magazine - Listed best Cheap Eats (3/2012)

by Harris Claster on Fairfax Inn Restaurant

A great restaurant that's very close to home for my family and I really like it for that reason. I also liked it because it's very near my old pediatrics office and it's across from Fairfax County's firehouse at Seven Corners, which makes it exciting for the little men to see Co.28 leave while your'e eating there too:-)

by Raymond Albertus Viloria on Fairfax Inn Restaurant
Amazing Filipino Cuisine

This place is one of those hidden gems - picture an old-school lunch counter / deli, serving all our favorite foods PLUS a full Filipino menu. If you've never had Filipino food for breakfast, you need to go here. The Lumpia Shanghai (Filipino style spring rolls) is particularly addictive!

by Washington Post on Fairfax Inn Restaurant
Best Weekday Breakfasts

It may look like an ordinary family diner, but Fairfax Inn Restaurant has a decidedly cosmopolitan twist: Filipino fare. Be sure to request the separate menu. The specials all include two eggs, rice (the garlic version is potent), pickled papaya and traditionally prepared meat or fish. The less adventurous can stick to such standard breakfast items as pancakes, omelets and the like. The diner is in Seven Corners, a notoriously confusing tangle of roads that nonetheless makes it a convenient pit stop for Northern Virginia commuters on their way to the city. You won't lose much time either, as orders are ready in less than 15 minutes.


by layla on Fairfax Inn Restaurant

The dishes here are great. Very fresh and always good. The portions are for people who want to sample filipino cuisine. It reminds me of this filipino restaurant that tried to pass filipino food off as fine dining type cuisine. The presentation was nice but the potions were too small. Filipino food is comfort food. This place serves very small portions for the price. Plus most of the menu items are easily made at home. Bigger portions for the same price.

by willie chacon on Fairfax Inn Restaurant
highly recommend

My filipina wife's co-worker recommend this place and we heard that it a

good for filipino food of which i enjoy since my wife always cook filipino

dish of which i learn to love, we always search filipino restaurant all over

the place, and so far FAIRFAX INN IS OUR TOP CHOICE...!!!!!

this afternoon my wife try the FRESH LUMPIA..!!!! and she love it, and ask

me if we can have it every sunday, maybe next sunday we try " TORON "

because this is my favorite...!!!!

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